QRQC : le Management de la Résolution de Problème

QRQC : le Management de la Résolution de Problème

How to start a QRQC

The QRQC (Quick Response Quality Control) allows to effectively treat the problems in situ, without wasting time with reunions.

The QRQC approach allows to boost the plant or service organization in order to produce quick results on quality of the products and services.







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QRQC : To manage efficiently Problem-Solving


The QRQC permits to treat the concerns efficiently on the site of their apparition without losing time in meeting. The QRQC makes it possible to handle problems efficiently as they occur onsite without losing meeting time. The QRQC approach makes it possible to energize the organization of the factory or department in order to produce quick results concerning the quality of products and department operations. Applying the QRQC approach involves the participation of all individuals and gives a methodological framework to the members of the hierarchy.

The QRQC facilitates and organizes the completion of each manager’s coaching assignment. The QRQC provides priorities and clearly establishes the role of the support departments (quality, methodologies, maintenance, BE, etc.) in relation to production. It is also the necessary basis for getting information on a problem. From a very practical view concerning actual onsite operations, the implementation of the QRQC will make it possible to:

  • drastically reduce the nature of problems
  • develop self-determination and accountability in the production teams
  • define standards that provide real assistance for developing and involving teams in their work stations
  • implement guidelines for reactivity
  • develop preventive measures

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