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Today, every day, in your company, dozens of ideas are born and disappear without ever being applied, although they could have brought you a benefit in performance and competitiveness.

These ideas, sometimes simple and low cost, only ask to be exploited.

In order to do that, you have to give your collaborators a chance to :

1. express and formalize their improvement idea

2. obtain a decision on their interest after study

3. see their ideas applied by themselves or a third party if the result of the study is positive

ampouleThe "classic" idea box was a low efficiency solution: left in a corner, often forgotten by all and looked at with distrust.

Today, AL Consulting offers you a simple solution, allowing to collect and manage the ideas parented by your teams, a solution that favors dialogue and transparency while applying the retained ideas.

This tool is called IdeasMine, the idea box of the XXIst century.

IdeasMine allows to fully explore the progress wish of all your collaborators.

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